Tuition/Fee* St. Paul's Members Community Members
Full Time Student, K-5 $1,750 $3,200
Second Additional Student, K-5 $1,600
3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. Students $1,200
Family Cap, St. Paul's Members $2,150
Preschool, 3-year olds (M-F) $3,200 - full day; $2,100 - half day
Preschool, 4-year olds (M-F) $3,200 - full day; $2,100 - half day
Preschool Registration & Materials Fee $75 per child (nonrefundable)
Grades K-5 Book Fee $200 per child per year
Extended Care AM - $3.25 for 1st child; $1.75 each add'l child
PM - $4.25 for 1st child;  $1.75 each add'l child

*The Board of Education would like to remind families that the actual cost for each child is around $6,400. St. Paul’s members are asked to help defray costs with church offerings. Non-members can help through church and school fundraisers. Please, continue to pray for our school and thank you for your love and support.